Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez took an eager interest in acting at an early age. It might only seem natural considering the bright-eyed brunette’s own mother was an actress, but while the elder Gomez acted on stage, her daughter wanted to be on the big screen. Selena got her first, lucky break when she was just seven years old. Cast as Gianna on the hit children’s show Barney and Friends, Selena got to not only show off her acting chops, but also her singing and dancing skills as she and other children lived out their days playing and interacting with a big, beloved dinosaur. Upon moving on from Barney, Selena found herself starring in bit roles on shows and movies like Spy Kids and Walker, Texas Ranger. While none of these roles catapulted her to fame like she wanted, they did serve as great building blocks that introduced her to the industry and provided her with invaluable experience. It wasn’t until a nationwide casting call by Disney in 2004 that Selena once again found herself on the precipice of stardom. Executives fell in love with the girl’s bubbly personality and loveable nature, and they immediately cast her in two pilots. Unfortunately, neither show was picked up by the network, but that didn’t deter the young actress. She kept at her craft, and once again in 2007, Disney cast Selena in a new show, The Wizards of Waverly Place - about a family of wizard children. This show was picked up, and it instantly became a success, taking Selena with it. Similar to Barney, the show Wizards allowed Selena to show off not only her superb acting, but also her talent for singing. It was her recording of four songs for the series that led her to the next stepping stone in her career: record deals. In 2009, Gomez formed the band Selena Gomez & The Scene. Over the next several years, the band would go on to release three albums, go on several tours and even reach #3 on the Billboard charts. As much as Selena enjoyed both singing and acting, the stress of juggling so much became difficult to bear, and there came a time at the end of 2011 when she realized she just didn’t have time for both. With so many commitments on her plate, the young starlet made the decision to make 2012 a year for film. She and her band declared themselves on hiatus so that she could focus on her acting career. The decision worked out well for her as TV and movie deals poured in. Selena would go on to star in the animated movie Hotel Transylvania alongside Adam Sandler and a yet another Wizards of Waverly Place sequel, in addition to independent films. While Selena has often kept her personal life private, she eventually revealed her relationship with fellow singer and actor Justin Bieber after months of speculation in 2011. The two were often inseparable and quickly dubbed a power couple due to their influence and popularity. The lovebirds were often reported about in tabloids, with nearly each move they made sparking a new rumor. The pair ultimately broke up after two years of dating, only to reunite, seemingly flourish and then break up again several months later. Selena is an avid and fierce animal lover and is the happy owner of six rescue canines.


When is Selena Gomez birthday? -  22.07.1992 

The age of Selena Gomez - 21 y.o.

The height of Selena Gomez - 165 cm

Weight of Selena Gomez - 54 kg

Is Selena Gomez married? - no

Who is Selena Gomez husband? -

Is Selena Gomez lesbian? - no

Selena Gomez phone number - no data

Where does Selena Gomez live? - USA/Los Angeles

Selena Gomez official web site -




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