Katy Perry

Katy Perry is the prime and perfect example of a person who was able to change her own destiny. Growing up in California, the bright-eyed singer was raised by extremely conservative parents who did not allow her to listen to mainstream music, even though Katy - born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson - was passionate about having a career in the music. Her parents did not stymie her passion, but urged her to pursue a life in gospel singing. When she was a teenager, Katy (then going by the name Katy Hudson released a self-titled debut album. The gospel rock album was followed by a live concert tour. The album, unfortunately, was a flop - in part due to the fact that Katy’s label went out of business shortly afterwards. Feeling beaten down and nearly defeated, Katy decided to change her name from Katy Hudson (which sounded quite similar to a very popular actress) to Katy Perry, adopting her mother’s maiden name. With a new name and a new outlook on life, Katy continued to work her way towards stardom. However, that road would not be easy. The next few years of Katy’s life consisted of being signed with multiple records labels, only to be dumped some time later. She was able to write and record a few songs - at one point having up to 80% of an album completed - but she could not locate a record label that would stick with her. When her last label, Columbia Records, decided that their professional relationship with her was not viable, they referred her to the newly minted Capitol Music Group. Part of the negotiations of her signing included rights to all of the masters Katy had already written and performed, which then went in to form a significant part of what would be her debut album, One Of The Boys. The executives at Capitol Music recognized that image was going to be everything when it came to Katy. They put Katy on an aggressive campaign of interviewing and press to establish her as a “sweet bad girl”. Her first single, I Kissed A Boy, was controversial and slightly dangerous for the singer’s new career. Some executives worried about whether the song would ever be played on the radio and how it would fare in conservative areas. Their concerns, however, were quickly alleviated when the song went on to be a big hit. I Kissed A Girl stayed at #1 in the US for seven weeks and was a roaring success in over 30 countries. Undeniably, the song made the name Katy Perry a household name. The singer’s second album, Teenage Dream, went on to be an even bigger commercial success. Several hit songs, including Firework, California Girls, Teenage Dream and Last Friday Night topped international music charts. In a continue effort of “branding”, Katy adopted a unique style of big, beautiful hair, sexy but cute outfits and a signature style of make-up. In 2009, Katy met the man who would soon become her husband. Comedian Russell Brand seemed an unlikely suitor for the pretty young lady. He was rough and crude, and many thought he was an ill-suited match for the girl who worked extremely hard to maintain the thin line between good girl and bad girl. Either way, the two were wed after a year of dating and things seemed great. They were often photographed attending events and everything seemed fine. Unfortunately, 14 months into their marriage, Brand filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences - which many believe stemmed from disagreements on starting a family.


When is Katy Perry birthday? -25 .10.1984

The age of Katy Perry - 29 y.o.

The height of Katy Perry - 173 cm

Weight of Katy Perry - 59 kg

Is Katy Perry married? - no

Who is Katy Perry husband? -

Is Katy Perry lesbian? - no

Katy Perry phone number - no info

Where does Katy Perry live? - USA/Los Angeles

Katy Perry official web site - www.katyperry.com




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