Justin Bieber

Born in Canada to a poor, single mother, Justin Bieber always dreamed of being star. His mother supported his dreams, even when times were tough. After seeing Justin place second in a major competition, Ms. Bieber began posting videos on the popular video service YouTube of her son singing and performing. Soon, Justin’s smooth voice and energetic personality caught the eye of a marketing executive who worked with world-renowned R&B artist Usher. Within a week, Justin was performing for the hip-hop star and being signed to a record deal. It seemed to the young man that his highest aspirations were finally coming to fruition, but he, his family nor the world could have been prepared for what the future would hold. When the boy’s first single, “One Time”, hit the airwaves, it was met with international praise. The song reached spot #17 on the Billboard Top 100 and received coveted platinum certification. Other songs from the extended play album were also released to much fanfare. However, it wasn’t until the release of “Baby” from My World 2.0 that this young singer truly learned what it was to be famous. Seemingly overnight, Justin Bieber became a worldwide sensation. Girls from all over the globe fell in love with his boyish good looks and melodic voice. Television shows from comedy program Saturday Night Live to Late Night With David Letterman fought to have the young man appear for interviews and performances. Justin Bieber became so popular and well-loved in such a short, condensed amount of time that established artists like Sean Kingston were happy to collaborate with him on songs. The singer was even offered several acting gigs, including a role on the hit television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where he portrayed a troubled, tortured teen hiding a terrible secret. By the time Bieber was ready to record his sophomore album, he found himself faced with a problem that many boys his age experience: puberty. With his voice changing and lowering, the star had to work extra hard. Though his voice had become the process of cracking and he could no longer achieve some of the high notes he’d become known for, he worked with talented vocal coaches that guided and mentored him. During this time, a movie about the child star was also in the works. Titled Never Say Never - which was borrowed from one of his own songs - the film served as half biography, half concert. All of Bieber’s hard work and dedication paid off in the end, as evidenced by his second album, Under The Mistletoe, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 and his film eventually raking in nearly $1 billion at the box office. Justin Bieber’s third, anticipated album, Believe, was released with lots of eager fanfare on June 19, 2012. This new album signaled a change in style for the established singer, moving him away from the sugary pop that he had become known for and more towards the dance and R&B-type music he enjoys. Along with a change in sound, the new album seemed to herald a change in the young man’s personality, as well. Justin sought out the limelight more often, eagerly stepping out with his on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez and repeatedly appearing in headlines for his run-ins with paparazzi. No matter what kind of departures Justin Bieber ultimately makes from where he came from, it cannot be argued that he is now a driving force in the entertainment industry. With a follower count topping 33 million on Twitter, he is the website’s most popular celebrity user. Anyone with access to a radio can attest to having heard of him, and most can probably hum or even sing a few lines of his most famous songs!


When is Justin Bieber birthday? -  01.03. 1994 

The age of Justin Bieber - 19 y.o.

The height of Justin Bieber - 170 cm

Weight of Justin Bieber - 60 kg

Is Justin Bieber married? - no

Who is Justin Bieber wife? -

Is Justin Bieber gay? - NO

Justin Bieber phone number - no info

Where does Justin Bieber live? - USA/Los Angeles

Justin Bieber official web site - www.justinbiebermusic.com




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