Demi Lovato

Like many young starlets, Demi Lovato caught her big acting break when she was accepted for a role on a children’s TV show. Starring as Angela on the breakout show Barney and Friends, Demi dazzled toddlers and school-age children with her singing and dancing. As she got older, she pursued more serious subject matter and was cast in the 2008 film Camp Rock. Her success in the movie led to her being cast in her own television show, Sonny With A Chance. In Sonny, Demi played a role similar to that of her own life; her character Sonny is a up-and-coming performer who has just been accepted into a live comedy show. Demi’s performances in her movies and television show led to her being signed for a record deal. Her first album, Don’t Forget, was received with much fanfare. It debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart and has since received gold certification. Her second and third albums, Here We Go Again and Unbroken have met with similar accolades. With all of this dazzling success, Demi found herself a household name with the likes of fellow child stars Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame and Selena Gomez, that latter with whom she is very close friends. As is the case with many young stars, the pressures of fame were not easy on Demi Lovato. In October 2010, she was forced to cancel her concert appearances on the popular Jonas Brothers tour in order to enter a rehab center. Her reasons for entering rehabilitation were kept quiet for as long as possible, but several months later, Demi released a video for her fans thanking them for her support. Upon exiting rehab, Demi revealed that she’d undergone treatment for eating disorders and sef-harm. Demi continued to live in a group home even after her medical stint to help prevent relapsing in her dangerous ways. The singer’s decision to enter rehab was a great one. In addition to ensuring that her health and wellness was put first, she was able to refocus her energy on her career. She was able to go on to create a new studio album as well as pick up a new job: a judge on the insanely popular television show The X Factor. Due to her struggles, Demi has been an outspoken advocate against eating disorders and drug use. She has become a contributing editor with Seventeen magazine and done countless interviews explaining the hardships she went through in the hopes of helping any young girls who might be going through something similar. She has gone so far as to criticize her former employers, the Disney Channel, for airing episodes of her popular show that made light of eating disorders. The network responded swiftly by apologizing to her and removing the episodes from the lineup. Demi Lovato is the winner of several popularity awards, including an MTV Video Music Award and six Teen Choice Awards, which are a great testament to how beloved she is by her fanbase. She is currently in the studio working on her latest album, which was due to be released to the public at the end of 2012 but has been postponed. A live concert tour is planned with the record release. Demi worked with The X Factor for two seasons, and as of this current moment in time, it has not been determined whether she will return for a third season. She has expressed an interest in once again judging the Young Adults category, but also stated that she would like to spend more time focusing on her own music career.


When is Demi Lovato birthday? -  02.08.1992 

The age of Demi Lovato - 21 y.o.

The height of Demi Lovato - 159 cm

Weight of Demi Lovato - 49 kg

Is Demi Lovato married? - no

Who is Demi Lovato husband? -

Is Demi Lovato lesbian? - no

Demi Lovato phone number - no info

Where does Demi Lovato live? - USA/Los Angeles

Demi Lovato official web site -




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